Young soldier maxes out loans, goes AWOL with new wife and her kids

Police in Colorado are on the lookout for two children who were reported missing after their biological mother allegedly vanished with an AWOL 4th Infantry Division soldier.

Four-year old Anneberlin Perrone and three-year old Grayson Perrone were last seen in Colorado Springs on Thursday September 27, 2018, and are believed to be travelling with their mother, Harmonie Larrow-Perrone and Duncan Larrow, a 1st Stryker BCT soldier who is Absent Without Leave (AWOL).

According to KKTV, the children and adults are believed to be traveling in a 2013 Ford C-Max with a busted rear window and black paint job, license plate CO- HPO258.

Larrow is a junior enlisted soldier who works as a Construction Equipment Repairman. He married Harmonie Larrow-Perrone and eventually ran into financial troubles, going so far as to beg for $6,000 on GoFundMe.

According to Harmonie Larrow-Perrone’s Facebook page, she works at the Fort Carson Post Exchange.

“I am active duty army with a family of two kids and a wife,” he wrote on GoFundMe. “I have maxed out all my loan options, I’ve hit rock bottom, I have bills I don’t have money to pay and I’m about to lose everything I’ve worked so hard to have.”

Larrow blamed the loss of income on an incident involving his stepdaughter, but did not specify what transpired.

The couple have not been married long- social media searches show that Harmonie Larrow-Perrone and Duncan Larrow were married on June 1, with the subsequent GoFundMe campaign starting on August 27.

Harmonie is White with green eyes and long brown hair. She is 5’5″. Duncan is White with hazel eyes and brown hair with shorter hair on the side of his head and longer hair on top.

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