Wounded Veteran Evicted, Belongings Left in His Yard

By Ann Rowland

When neighbors in a San Antonio subdivision saw the belongings of their reclusive neighbor strewn across the front lawn and sidewalk of his home, they decided to do something to help.  That neighbor is a wounded warrior who lost a leg while serving in Afghanistan.  The veteran, who tends to stay to himself and suffers from PTSD, fell behind in his rent and on Wednesday the sheriff was at his door to evict him.

Kara Myers could not stand by and watch this happen to a man who had already given so much.  “He risked his life for us, so it’s the least we can do,” Myers told KSAT San Antonio.

The veteran has asked to not be identified; however, he did say that he had been on disability but that it had been discontinued for some reason.  The home he was renting went into foreclosure a year ago and when he got a month behind in his rent, he was evicted.

Among the items left outside during the eviction was the veteran’s tightly folded flag, Purple Heart and other awards he won during his time in the service.  This was especially difficult for those who came to the man’s aid.  “It was hard to see, a lot of people were really upset. But we are all just trying to focus on the positive. Like, let’s get him moved,” Myers said.

In all, about 50 people came to help this brave soldier move.  “At one time they were lined up all the way down the curb, down here and across the other side,” Myers said as she described the scene.  All of this was a show of support and appreciation for a man who has already sacrificed so much for our country.  The army of volunteers helped pack up all of his items and move them to a safe place.

Their generosity didn’t stop with helping him move.  When Kara learned that the wounded warrior wanted to move back to Mississippi where his family lives, she started a fundraising page to help raise the money he would need to move.  That effort has raised over $1,300.


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