“Wouldn’t have it any other way:” Megan Fox lookalike in the Air Force says she loves her male-dominated job

Source: TikTok/Instagram

A Security Forces member of the US Air Force dubbed a “Megan Fox lookalike” has taken to the web to tell everyone what it is like being a woman in a largely male occupation.

Kerra Buerger, a “content creator” who posts her videos to TikTok, has over 260,000 followers on the Chinese Communist Party-affiliated social media app.

In her videos (many of which involve her in uniform), Buerger shows what life is like for her in a male-dominated field, to include one of men screaming foul words at her.

“Wouldn’t have it any other way,” she stated, implying the treatment was that of endearment.

Some commenters added that the males of her unit would not treat her in such a way if they did not trust her.


She joined the military to follow her Lieutenant Commander father’s footsteps and even gave her first salute to him.

“Such a humbling and honoring experience to have my Dad be the first Officer to salute,” she wrote on Instagram. “I hope to be half the service member you have been and to continue on the Buerger name with pride. Love you daddy. Officially a defender”

Many of her fans noticed she looks like the actress who peaked in the late 2000s while starring in the first two Transformers movies and later resurged in the media while dating much younger Machine Gun Kelly.

“When did Megan Fox join the military?” asked one commenter.

“Transformers money ran out,” Buerger responded

“I literally thought you were Megan Fox,” added another fan.

To be fair, her much smaller following on Instagram noticed her appearance is similar to Megan Fox long before her 260k TikTok users took notice.

“Do people always tell you you look like Megan fox!” a user wrote.

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