Women’s History Month; Panel on women in the Navy

In honor of Women’s History Month Hampton Roads Naval Museum (HRNM) hosts a panel sharing the experience of four women who’ve had a significant role in the Navy.

One of the panelists, Vice Adm. Nora Tyson, speaks about her Naval service during a panel on Women in the Navy. Tyson, was the first female commanding officer of a carrier strike group when she took command in 2010.

“I thank my lucky stars that I was born when I was born,” said Tyson. “I landed in an organization that is just incredible with incredible people, and I just think there’s no nobler profession than serving your country. I just feel very fortunate to have done that for now 36 years.”

The discussion was moderated by retired Rear Adm. Ann Phillips. “These four remarkable women have had the courage to serve their country in time of war, under difficult circumstances and when such service for women was, to say the least, unusual,” said Phillips in her introductory statement to the audience.

The Navy reports that women make up 18 percent of the Navy’s total force, with more than 59,000 active duty and more than 9,000 reservists.


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