Women unload their hatred for military men on Army TikToker

Source: TikTok

A TikTok video reveals the downfalls of dating military personnel- or perks, depending on how you look at them.

User Rickologist posted a video of a semi-uniformed Soldier [believed to be him] dancing to music and pointing at the text.

“Girls want military guys until they realize,” the video began.

Bullet points included:

-“He dates with intentions to marry.”

-“Works 12+ hour workdays and sleeps on weekends”

-“Acts broke and has great health benefits.”

-“He’s still finalizing his divorce.”

While only thirteen seconds in length, the video had over 53,000 likes, 3,366 comments and was shared 2,531 times.

The comments from women were rather scathing. Many were quick to give their opinions of men in the military and their experiences with them.

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“They always be married and act divorced,” one woman wrote.

“And the ability to abandon anyone that didn’t serve with them,” another added.

Others noted the soldier’s rather spartan backdrop, with one user asking: “Did she take all the furniture except the coffee table?”

“If he in the military and he got any kind of Dodge Charger, ladies don’t do it,” another said.

Another implied military men cheat while they are deployed, despite the stigma normally being associated with military spouses.

“Mess around every deployment, you forgot that,” a TikToker added.

Rebecca Wallace wrote, “I’m divorcing mine. He gave me e m o t i o n a l d a m a g e.”

“And girl the military don’t help us with our PTSD from being associated with their soldier,” another user said in response to Rebecca’s statement to her.

The comments continued in the thousands with their almost endless reasons of why they despise military men.

Out of all of them, only one woman seemed to find a silver lining.

She replied to a woman who said the benefits associated with military marriage are not worth it by saying, “They might be. Tricare be bussin. They pay for everything.”


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