Women to “service” veterans at former Playboy correspondent’s party as a thank you

A former party producer and Playboy correspondent Mike Busey is hosting a party at his nightclub, the Sausage Castle, to commemorate America’s service members and celebrate Veteran’s Day. He is boasting that every veteran who attends the party in Orlando, Florida will receive free drinks and oral sex.

“You can pat them on the back and say thank you for your service and stuff, or you can get them drunk and give them a blow job,” said Mike Busey during an interview with Playboy when he was promoting last year’s party. “They just want to forget about the shit they had to do over there.”

According to Maxim Magazine:

“Sausage Castle calls itself “the wildest house in America,” and is basically Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, but instead of chocolate, it’s freaky sex stuff. And instead of Willy Wonka, the owner is Mike Busey. So I guess you could call it Mike Busey’s Freaky Sex Factory, or something.”

Some veterans are skeptical of whether Busey will come though on his promise of free dinner, haircuts, tattoos, and oral sex.

One Army veteran asked, “Is there any proof that she actually followed through last year?” Someone responded by saying there is very real proof, “watch his snapchat.”

So if you are a skeptic or can’t make it, you can always tune in on Snap Chat.


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