Women say red, white, and blue are racist, call for wearing rainbow colors on the 4th of July

Three young women give us a troubling look at our next generation of citizens in the US, urging people to abandon their patriotism on the 4th of July to support a more globalist cause.

The three young women, who posted to the CCP-controlled TikTok social media platform under the @sophiasilvestriii, urged Americans not to wear red, white and blue on July 4th.

“America sucks right now,” one girl said. “Honestly, if you support it and choose to wear red, white and blue..”

“You’re supporting Trump, racism,” another girl interjected.

“You’re supporting all of that,” the leading girl responded. “It’s disgusting.”

The three women urged people to wear rainbow colors- but not for the Pride Month that is coming to an end.

“Caption your posts, ‘All Countries Matter,’” the lead woman said from her right hand corner of the screen.

The video was captured by LanceVideos on Twitter and shared by Ashley StClair, who had only six words to describe the video.

“Our education system has failed us,” she wrote.

The TikTok account in question has since been removed, but the Twitter video clip, but both LanceVideos and Ashley StClair have over 800,000 views each.

Needless to say, people aren’t thrilled.

“Don’t blame the education system,” one user wrote. “Blame their parents. This is what you get when you parent your kids with iPads.”

Another user responded, claiming the education system was to blame.

“Actually our education system did everything they intended successfully,” the second user wrote. “Make the students hate their own country.”

Others pointed out that countries -such as the one that has control over TikTok- wouldn’t be so lenient with such statements being made if their citizens were the ones making them.

“Without that red, white and blue, you wouldnt be able to wave that rainbow,” Cap-0383 wrote.

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