These women honor the military in a way long forgotten by Americans

Before USO tours featured America’s top pop music artists and NFL cheerleaders, women of a more modest appearance entertained our troops in a beautiful and truly patriotic way.

The ladies of the “Letters from Home: Reviving Patriotism” tour have preserved these 1940s-era traditions, travelling the country to offer veterans a glimpse of the past -a better time in America for some.

The “Letters from Home” manager, Air Force veteran Nelson Diaz, describes their emotional performances:

“If you haven’t seen the face of a WWII veteran light up when we bring back those powerful and wonderful memories, you haven’t experienced joy. If you haven’t seen a 91 year old grab a hold of one of the performers and do the jitterbug as his caretaker then walks over and says to him, after the dance, “Here is the wheel chair you requested”, then you haven’t experienced gut wrenching laughter. If you haven’t seen caretakers rush to a combat veteran at the VA Hospital who stood up from his wheel chair and walked over to hug one of the girls at the end of the show, but yet no one had ever seen him walk, then you haven’t experienced the awesome magnitude of an emotional miracle.  I have seen the faces of the men and women who have sacrificed so much for us.  I have thanked them and this is what I hear the most as a reply….”You are worth it.” I tear up every time.  It is why I feel so strongly about it and it is why we do this.”

In 2015, one of their performance at a VFW in Massachusetts caught national attention after a video clip went viral on Facebook (video above).  The video shows performers, Erinn Diaz and Sarah Haley, performing ‘The Ballad of the Green Berets,’ which was written by Barry Sadler, a Green Beret combat medic during the Vietnam War.

Letters From Home started in Winston-Salem, North Carolina in 2010, and now offers two shows, “America’s Bombshell Duo” and “America’s Bombshell Patriot.”

They have toured over 30 states, with performances at theaters, cruise ships, VA hopsitals, VFWs, and the list goes on.

If you are interested in bringing an event to your home town, you can submit an booking inquiry here.

YouTube video

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