Woman who calls herself a “fat military wife” attempts to complete a PT test

An Airman’s wife -who aspires to be a YouTube celebrity- might just get her chance, after calling herself a “fat military wife” and attempting to do a military PT test.

YouTube user “Choose Joy” has been very open about wanting to lose weight, particularly after having a child with her Airman husband, at one point weighing 220 pounds at a height of five-foot-five.

While any effort to be in better shape is commendable, wanting to jump right into a military-style PT test may have proven a bit premature.

Choose Joy’s sister, who also serves in the military, administered the PT test, which involved sit-ups, push-ups and a timed run.

While Joy surpassed the required 38 sit-ups in one minute, she struggled to perform 18 push-ups in one minute (completing zero push-ups), and failed to run 1.5 miles within 14 minutes and 26 seconds.

However, she did give it her best and no doubt learned a valuable lesson as far as what she needs to work on.

After posting her weight-loss videos, Choose Joy took a six-month hiatus from content and only recently posted some vacation videos. It is unknown if she has since passed the PT test.

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