Woman tells from experience, “it’s easier for people to get food stamps than VA benefits”

The daughter of a Vietnam veteran has taken to YouTube to complain that it is easier for people to get food stamp benefits than for veterans to get compensation and treatment.

Going by the YouTube handle Nalia Crawford, the woman claims that it takes only thirty days to get welfare and food stamps while veterans have to wait for years to get disability ratings and treatment.

“My father is a Vietnam veteran,” she said. “He was in war for 161 days. He was blown up, he has shrapnel in his ear.”

She argues that her father needs a designated caregiver, but cannot get one due to a low disability rating.

YouTube video

The video, titled “Dear Veterans Affairs office HELP US THE PEOLE (sic) UNDERSTAND. From thr (sic) Voice of the Veterans” has had very few views, though the entire channel appears to be public videos calling out the VA.

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