Woman tells Asian USAF veteran “this is not your f***ing country…get out”


An Air Force veteran in California had racial slurs hurled against him in a road rage incident last week.

USAF veteran James Anh was reportedly driving the posted speed limit in Fremont when a lady began threatening him for driving too slowly, according to his Facebook post.

The woman reportedly made threatening gestures towards Anh, as well as cutting in front of him to “brake check” him, a very unsafe maneuver.

When he pulled up to confront her, she told him to go back to his own country and made offensive facial gestures, pulling her eyes back in a slanting motion.

“This is not your f**king country,” the woman said. “This is my country.”

“Chinese ugly, Chinese ugly,” she added.

Anh’s passenger got half the ordeal on film before the altercation ended.

“I later realized that this was more like a hate crime than a road rage,” he wrote.

Ahn reported the incident to Fremont police on Wednesday, but investigators determined that no crime actually occurred, police spokeswoman Geneva Bosques told The NY Post.

“All that we could establish is that this was derogatory remarks between two parties,” Bosques said. “There was no threat and there was no crime committed. We did document everything in a report and we classified it as a disturbance.”

“You could call this hate speech but as horrible as it is — and we clearly don’t condone any of it — it is protected by the First Amendment,” she told the Post. “The other piece of this is that these two motorists were driving in traffic yelling at each other and the situation could’ve been worse for other drivers around them.”

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