Woman targeted by irate Door Dasher driver is a veteran who was hit by a drunk driver

Screenshot from video below

The victim of an irate Door Dasher angered by a twenty-five percent tip over a $20 Pizza is reportedly a disabled veteran who must use the service to feed her family on occasion, it has been revealed.

Lacey Purciful, a 38-year-old mother of two, was reviled and subjected to a litany of fury on her own porch after she tipped her Dasher an amount that was deemed unsatisfactory.

Purciful suffers from spinal injuries after a drunk driver subjected her to a violent traffic accident.

Corey, the Dasher who felt that he was not tipped enough, suggested someone living in a $500,000 Texas home should be more generous with their money.

“I can’t stand. I’ve started using DoorDash since my accident,” Purciful said. “I worked in the restaurant industry for years before joining the military, I’m a very good tipper.”

The female veteran was flummoxed as to why Corey would be so hostile, going so far as to tell her “Fu** you.”

“I thought, wow. It is crazy,” she remarked. “The entitlement this generation coming up has.”

The entire incident was caught on doorbell camera and resulted in Corey being fired.

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According to the Daily Mail, Purciful has been gifted $75 from Doordash for the inconvenience, but only after escalating the situation.

Purciful joined the US military in 2011, serving in the United States Army. Her husband, Dustin, also answered the call to serve.

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