Woman steals soldier’s ‘metal penile extension’ M4 rifle from an unlocked vehicle in Texas

Source: Twitter

A woman in Texas boasted her ability to steal a National Guard soldier’s “fully automatic weapon” from an unlocked truck at the border with Mexico.

Marianna Wright, whose statements imply she knows little about military firearms, boasted about her theft in a Twitter post.

“Today, I got my hands on a fully automatic weapon thanks to the stupid, irresponsible #TexasNationalGuard #OperationLonestar who left their vehicle running & unlocked with guns inside on the side of the road,” she tweeted.

“Guess the truck could’ve been mine, too.” 

While a soldier should never ever leave his rifle unsecured, Wright who believed it to be “full-auto,” thought it would be better in her hands.

A few minutes after Tweeting the picture of the rifle in the vehicle she broke into, Wright said she took the rifle from the “abandoned, unlocked vehicle.”

She said the National Guard could reclaim it at the National Butterfly Center.

“The idiots didn’t even realize it was missing when they returned to the truck,” she said.

Wright claims she immediately called Border Patrol authorities, who came and secured the rifle after 45 minutes.

When asked about the incident by Military.com, she provided a seemingly politically motivated and generalized statement about the ability of the Texas National Guard based on one isolated incident.

“I think it’s irresponsible, reckless and a danger to public safety if that’s the way the National Guard is doing things,” Wright said. “If they cannot secure their weapons, how are they supposed to secure the border?”

When pressed further, she indicated her frustration with the Texas National Guard has become personal, stating their presence in and around her property has been an issue for her.

She said she has “constantly battled” them about “trespassing on her property and causing incidents.” 

Her other posts on Twitter indicate she has a bias against the ownership of firearms as well.

“And then there’s this guy rage tweeting about how he’s so frustrated by my actions that he bought another metal penile extension to play with,” she posted on Twitter in response to users’ comments about her actions.

The Texas National Guard has yet to comment on the incident.

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