Woman says shes graduated from just F-ing a Marine, joining the “wife club”

A woman claiming that she would soon be wed to a US Marine took her upcoming “dependa” status way too seriously, claiming that she’s graduating to “Marine Wife life.”

“I’m almost Marine Wife life,” said Sana Alotaibi, who filmed her ramblings while driving an SUV in inclement weather. “I’m fiancee.”

Claiming that simply being the girlfriend of a Marine is nothing close to being engaged or married to one, she referred to dating a Marine as little more than “just fu**ing.”

Ever since meeting her Marine (named Brian), she claims she has joked about the Marine Wife life, yet simultaneously aspired to it.

If the graphic on her shirt is any indication of “Brian’s” position in the Corps,  Alotaibi’s fiance is a Basic Tank and Amphibian Vehicle Officer or has since moved on to specialty leadership roles with armor or amphibious vehicles.

Alotaibi then went on to call her mother a “bi*ch,” and claimed she got into a major argument, though it is uncertain if it was over her joining the “Marine Wife life.”

At only 29 years of age, Alotaibi is waiting for “Brian” to come home so they can get married.

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