Woman says she was kicked out of Air Force after swearing in, before even going to BMT

A young woman says she was kicked out of the Air Force last year but whether she was ever an Airman is questionable.

Gianny Lees believes shes became an Airman after taking the oath of enlistment at a Military Entrance Processing center but claims she was “discharged” not long after.

Despite never picking a job or staying in touch with her recruiter -during what seems to be the Delayed Entry Program- she says her recruiter failed her.

Lees said she wanted to take her time picking her job in the Air Force with her recruiter and take the summer off before attending BMT.

During this period, she says her recruiter was reassigned to Alaska and she changed her phone number.

With her recruiter or a new recruiter assigned to her enlistment not being able to talk with her, she still did not take the initiative to contact a recruiter until after she missed the deadline to enroll in school.

Not knowing what to do with her life at that point, she reached out to her recruiter to find out that she had been “discharged” from the Air Force.

She says she not barred from joining but says she doesn’t know if she can muster the courage to make it through two days at MEPs all over again but she’s still open to the idea.

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