Woman runs over veterans’ graves with her SUV at a cemetery, family of WWII pilot begs her to stop

A woman was filmed driving her vehicle over several headstones in a Houston, Texas, military cemetery.

The woman, who appears to have attended the Lone Star Flight Museum flyover at the Houston cemetery, with the flight commemorating the 75th anniversary of the end of World War ll in Europe.

After the event, the unidentified woman began backing over graves in an attempt to leave.

“She tried to back up, and then went up on the curb of the section where my grandparents are buried,” witness Amanda Hill explained. “[The woman] couldn’t get around some cars, and then she started running over the graves.”

While onlookers began to block her in to prevent her escape, the woman effectively shunted them out of the way, all while 19-year-old Jeremiah Johnston was recording it on his cell phone.

“I was shocked, and never would have expected that to happen,” he said.

Hill’s mother attempted to get the woman to exit the vehicle but was nearly killed after the woman almost ran her over.

“She heard us yelling at her to stop, and just kept doing it,” Hill said. “My mother approached the van, and the driver told her she had to get out.”

“She went over dozens of graves by the time she finished,” she added.

In the end, according to ABC13, Hill’s actions prevented the grave of her relative from being run over.

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