Woman planning F*ck Your Flag” Day on 9/11 says, ‘All White People Must Die’

A woman protesting outside the jail where Sandra Bland died, is making the rounds on social media to bring attention to a national movement to burn American flags on the anniversary of 9/11.

The woman, Carol Sullivan, calls herself “Sunshine” and describes herself as a “militant non-compliant Negro.” She aligns herself with views that Nation of Islam leader, Malcom X espoused.

When asked by a reporter outside the jail if she agreed with Malcolm X that white people should be killed, Sullivan said, “You’re damn right I do. You think I’m scared to say that to you? Yes, you do need to die… I think everyone else on the planet will have peace if you’re dead.”

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Sullivan is organizing a movement on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag, #FYF911. The FYF stands for “F*ck Your Flag” the 911 stands for September 11th.  Sullivan has already raised over $1000 for this event through ‘Gofundme.’

“We, the people who identify as Black Radicals of Amerikkka are tired of white domination & we understand that civil disobedience is necessary in response to our carefully planned genocide.” Said Carol on her Gofundme page.

“Apparently raising money to kill an entire race is not a violation of Gofundme’s terms of service as Carol has been raising money for this event since January,” said the Viking Hannibal at Illwriteit.com.

She claims in the video that officials at the jail keep changing their story about the way Bland died.  She has her own theory: “They murdered Sandra Bland because she had hair like me.”

“You see this nappy-ass hair on my head? … That means I am one of those more militant Negroes,” she told Breitbart News (video below).

Sullivan says she was at the Waller County Jail two weeks ago when “Sheriff Glenn Smith told me that (Bland) sat down on a toilet and that is how she f**ing died. That is not what they said on CNN. I will release the video to ya’ll.”

She told reporters she was at the protest because “these redneck mother-f**kers murdered Sandra Bland because she had nappy hair like me.”

Sullivan ends her live streaming video while walking along the dirt road saying, “This is Waller County– racism and white supremacy at its finest.”

According to her GoFundMe page there is not set location for her 9/11 flag demonstration yet.

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