Woman opens up about being allegedly raped by three Navy sailors

A woman in Georgia has accused three US Navy Sailors of rape- and their lawyer claims they have been falsely accused.

Michael Billington, Teddy Diake and Jonathan Augustus were hauled into police custody on March 3, charged with sexually assaulting a woman at an off-post party in Richmond County.

The victim involved, who did not identify herself, claimed she was brutalized by the three men.

“These three men took an oath to serve and protect the people of this country in any capacity,” the woman said. “It was like I was less than human to them.”

According to WRDW, the three men allegedly pulled the victim -who was drunk and blacking in and out- into a bedroom and began having sex with her.

“There was never a conversation like, ‘hey, would you like to have sex with me?’” she said.  “There was never a conversation where any of them asked me at all… never.”

Later, she confronted the men, who reportedly apologized for her being embarrassed without admitting to any accusations.

The three Sailors have been released to base until their trial, and have been given administrative jobs that do not involve handling classified information.

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