Woman evicted after video of her telling soldier “I hate black people” outside his apartment in NC goes public

A woman in North Carolina has been evicted from her Fayetteville apartment after she was filmed using racial slurs in a furious rant against a US Army Soldier.

Diamonte Ugbesia, an active duty Soldier stationed at Fort Bragg, was visiting friends at the Kings Cross Apartments on Thursday when he suddenly heard a woman shouting racial slurs.

Ugbesia, who works for the Army’s Chaplain Corps, began filming just in case something criminal took place.

“I hate Black people. I hate (n-word). I hate Black people,” the woman shouted.

The woman noticed the Soldier with the camera and turned her anger towards him.

“Get the f*** back down. I don’t want anything to do with you. Don’t record. You better kill that (n-word).”

According to ABC 6, local residents began stepping out of their homes and told the woman to go inside.

“Let him go, just go inside,” one man said.

“I will never (expletive) a Black person in my life,” the woman replied. “Get down! He’s like taking a picture of me right now.”

The incident was a new experience for the young serviceman.

“I never heard somebody flat out call me the n-word or say they hate me,” Ugbesia said to reporters.

Ugbesia felt that the woman, who has since been evicted for violating her lease agreement and treating people outside of acceptable codes of conduct.

“I got deployed to Afghanistan. Me coming home from Afghanistan serving my country to a person saying they hate me based off my skin color? That’s what I was mad about,” he said. “You don’t even know me.”

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