Woman confronts man berating elderly combat wounded veteran trying to load his groceries

An elderly Purple Heart recipient  was viciously berated by a local outside a Sam’s Club after he stopped his vehicle in front of the store to load it up.

The incident -which took place in Iowa last month- was recorded by a bystander who saw a portly man screaming at the elderly veteran, who reportedly pulled into the crosswalk/fire lane area of Sam’s Club to load his vehicle.

“As I was leaving Sam’s Club, approaching my car, I heard a confrontational voice behind me,” the witness wrote.  “When I turned to look I noticed a man, visibly upset, waving his arms saying something to an older gentle man about ‘Fire Lane’.  The older gentle man must’ve replied, though I couldn’t hear what he said, because the angry man responded ‘I want you to push your cart to your car!!’ That was when the situation got my full attention.”

The female witness reported that the man was very aggressive and verbally assaulted the elderly couple.

“I watched for a few minutes as the angry man verbally harassed the older gentleman and his wife saying things like ‘You are not privileged or special!’, ‘the rules apply to you too!’, ‘you are not above the rules!’.  It was then I realized the angry man was not going to leave the older couple alone,” she added.

Ultimately, the witness began to grow disinterested in the angry man and went to speak to the older couple, who had finished quietly loading up their vehicle and were prepared to drive off.

After what took place in the video, I began walking back to my car,” she said.  “The angry man then began yelling ‘It doesn’t give him the right to break the law, it doesn’t give him the right to break the law’., in response to me thanking the older gentleman for being a Purple Heart recipient.  At that point I ignored him. But then he yelled ‘Are you done?’ I replied ‘Done being nice and kind? Never.'”

The combat wounded veteran quietly smiled as he drove away, much to the chagrin of the rotund man who had little better to do but yell.

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