Navy vet. causes outrage over a harmless rope in someone’s back yard

An Arkansas woman took to the internet after she saw an outrageous symbol of hate hanging from a tree in her neighborhood.

The only thing, however, was that it was a rope swing- and it had been there for about three decades.

Khe-Shun Robinson, a US Navy veteran, was going for a stroll with a friend in Centerton on Wednesday when she saw a rope hanging from a tree.

“I said, ‘Oh my goodness, can you believe that?” she recounted. “Can you see what’s hanging in that tree?”

Her friend thought it was a snake, but Robinson claimed it was “far worse.”

“No,” she said. “It’s worse. Far worse than a snake.”

Switching into activist mode, Robinson posted a photo of the rope to Facebook, claiming it resembled a noose.

“I said, ‘I have to take a picture,’” she said. “Nobody will believe me trying to explain that I live in Bentonville, Arkansas, in 2020, and this is what I see in a house that’s a quarter of a mile or half a mile from where I live.”

However, the rope was not so much for lynching as it was for wholesome family fun.

“This is a rope swing,” said homeowner Melvon Herron, who noted the swing has been in the tree for over thirty years. “I would swing them back and forth.”

Herron noted that when time comes to mow the lawn, he throws the swing over a branch.

“Almost all kids years ago had a rope swing,” he said.

Herron, who doesn’t use social media or watch TV, didn’t really pay much attention to the matter, as he isn’t terribly influenced by mass media.

While he lamented that the swing has many good memories, Herron took the rope down in order to prevent harassment, harm and discord.

Robinson, who immediately assumed the rope was for lynching earlier this week despite it being there for thirty years, told 4029 News that it was important for her to go public with the matter so that she could start a conversation.

“I’m relieved,” she said. “Because at some point, someone, whether it was him or someone in his home, decided that this was important enough to other people that they would remove it.”

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