Woman busted pretending to be a male Army officer is on the run from Texas police

Law enforcement officers in Texas are looking for a woman who reportedly poses as a male US Army Soldier in order to get jobs.

Kelsie Hoover, who was previously featured on the Guardian of Valor website after she was caught impersonating a male Soldier at the Baltimore/Washington International Airport several years ago, is wanted by the Fort Worth Police for identity theft.

According to NBC-DFW, Hoover worked for KPS Global before quitting on November 1. Working under a different name with a fake ID, Hoover’s employers had no idea she was running from the law.

Hoover is somewhat of a historical figure in the “Stolen Valor” community: in 2015, she was arrested for pretending to be a male soldier who had been awarded a Purple Heart, and was the first person to be arrested under the Stolen Valor Act of 2013.

In 2015, it was determined that Kelsie Hoover was wearing her brother’s uniform during the “stolen valor” confrontation at the airport.

Kelsie admitted to Guardian of Valor that she took her brother’s driver’s license and uniform.

Police in Fort Worth are trying to track Hoover down to arrest her for identity theft, and law enforcement in San Antonio has been alerted to her potential whereabouts.

Hoover isn’t just wanted in the Lone Star State: she was previously found guilty on fraud charges in Nevada and faced a 20-year prison sentence, but she failed to show up for sentencing.

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