Woman behind ‘F*ck Your Flag Day’ event on 9/11, now making death threats to vets’ family

Carol Sullivan (R) holding the remains of a burnt Confederate flag.

On her radio show hosted by blogtalkradio.com, a few days ago, Carol Sullivan reveals the name and phone number of a U.S. military veteran.  Within hours of doing this, the veteran reportedly received a phone call from someone threatening to “gut his wife and hang his unborn child.”

Sullivan claims that “these people have been stalking us and need to be exposed.” She warns black people to “beware of this veteran, if he tries to convince you he is a friend.” Apparently Sullivan is upset with the vet for talking several black men out of burning a flag on Sept 11.

“What has them upset…. not just that we are protesting, they’re pissed off because of the F#ck your flag day that we are planning for this Sept 11.  I will find as many dogs and cats as I can, to piss on the flag and put it online…F*ck the American flag… F*ck the Confederate flag.”

She urges callers to her show to “get a pen and paper” to ensure they’re getting all the contact information for the veterans that she names on air. One caller asks if she has a visual image for some of these names.  “Two of them,” she says excitedly, “on Facebook.”  Sullivan said people need to go onto Facebook and “expose them.”

“White People are psycho, stalkerish,” she says several times during the course of the show.

“I’ve always know white people are psycho, but if you listen to how they plan and infiltrate black people… reveals how sick and warped these people are.”

Popular Military published a story last week, when Ms. Sunshine was protesting the Sandra Bland case outside the Waller County Jail, where she told reporters that “all white people must die.” Shortly after that story ran, her Go Fund Me page was taken down. Now, Sullivan says, “F&ck GoFundme….black people should not use it.”

Sullivan complains that three of her GoFundMe pages were taken down. And while she claims that the money was used for the right reasons at her past events, she fails to mention that the accounts may have been taken down because of her direct threats to white people. She urges all black people to use different methods of raising money, and should boycott GoFundMe.

Sullivan calls Darren Wilson — the officer who shot Michael Brown — a ‘child-murdering ass.’ And that if he can raise money on the site, why shouldn’t she?

“9/11 was organized by racist white people,” she says.  Why should we “never Forget 9/11” when we’re told all the time to just “let it go, forget about it,” when it comes to black issues.

“We are being lynched publicly in the street. How dare they tell us to just get over something – but we can’t forget 9/11? F*ck all the white people that died in 9/11.”

She also brings up the Trayvon Martin case, saying they want us to let that go too. Sullivan talks about ‘black genocide’ and ‘torture’ on her show and how “blacks are still being slaughtered in the street, like Michael Brown whom they left lying there for over four hours.”

“We have the right to burn whatever the f*ck we want. They burn black bodies, and nobody cares.”

“Other topics discussed on the radio show were biological warfare, killing all blacks that have white friends, how to kill groups of white people, taking over cities, and whether or not they have enough people to take over America with brute force,” says illwriteit.com.

Sullivan says her group will be exposing the racist white people who were behind 9/11, which she mentions was all about money and greed.

Sullivan told callers on her blog talk radio show she is busy getting ready to move on to Atlanta in a few days, where she will be meeting up with others for the 9/11 flag burning event. She added that those attending the event will be “open-carrying” their weapons.

She makes it clear, she will not be letting anything get in her way from now until then. “They don’t scare me. I’m not hiding or changing my number,” Sullivan said.

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