Woman at IHOP calls soldiers “sh*tbags,” asks if they’re Antifa before telling retired Airman she’ll “drop him”

A group of US Army Soldiers stationed at Virginia’s Fort Belvoir were harassed by a woman last month, and now the video is all over TikTok.

The Soldiers were all eating at an IHOP when they encountered an older woman, who offered cash to pay for their meals.

Later, the woman returned and took the money, claiming the Soldiers had stolen from them.

“She offered to pay for their meal, which is not uncommon when people meet military personnel, it’s a gesture as a way to thank them for their service,” Joe Richard, director of public affairs for Fort Belvoir, told the Military Times. “She placed $30 on their table.”

The incident was filmed by one of the Soldiers, only to be uploaded to a Chinese social media app that has come under scrutiny by the Department of Defense.

The woman, who appeared to suffer from some kind of mental illness, began asking bizarre questions about the Soldiers’ affiliations, and even called them “sh*tbags.”

“Are you the thin blue line, are you BLM, are you Antifa?,” she asked.

When an Air Force veteran attempted to intervene, he was quickly confronted by the unhinged woman.

“Is this your restaurant? she said. “Motherf****er, I will fucking drop you. You wanna go? You wanna go?”


Air Force Vet steps in to defends us from Racist White Woman ‼️‼️#SoldierLivesMatter #SayNoToRacism

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The Soldiers quickly departed and reported the incident to their chain of command.

The incident is under investigation and the identities of the Soldiers have not been released.

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