Woman accidentally shoots man in head while playing “gangsta” in live video

A Texas man participating in a Facebook Live video featuring irresponsible gunplay was shot in the head by his female passenger.

The victim of the shooting -identified as Devin Holmes of Beaumont, Texas- was participating in a Facebook Live video on Saturday, which featured several individuals in a vehicle, speaking to commenters from a Valero Parking lot in Houston.

Front and center in the video was a Glock pistol, believed to be chambered in .40 S&W or .45 ACP During the video, the female occupant began waving the pistol around, making threats to the commenters in the video.

Trying to prevent the woman from sweeping him with the muzzle, Holmes pushed his hand out and tried to stop her.

“Hey man,” he said to Cadillac Coleman, who was hosting the live stream. “She’s making me nervous.”

The woman remained undeterred, however, flailing the sidearm and talking about how “We [sic] draw down on them hoes.”

“That thing ain’t got no clip, bud,” Coleman said, referring to the magazine.

As soon as those words left Coleman’s mouth, the female passenger chambered a round (as the pistol did in fact have a magazine inserted) and began pointing the weapon at Holmes.

“Say something, bitch,” the woman said, pointing the weapon at Holmes with her finger on the trigger.

The trigger was depressed with at least five-and-a-half pounds of pressure, discharging the firearm and sending a bullet into Holmes’ head.

Panicked by what had just transpired, the occupants of the car quickly scurried out, leaving viewers on Facebook alone with Holmes as he uttered a death rattle and bled out all over himself.

According to Crimeola, police have reportedly questioned the female shooter and Detectives said the case will be sent to a grand jury.

Eventually, Holmes was transported to the hospital and was last reported to be on life support.

According to his social media profile, Holmes is a father of two girls, a college graduate and quadrilingual. Both he and Cadillac Coleman attended Lamar University.

The video is too graphic to display on Popular Military but it can be viewed here.

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