Wife threatens to divorce soldier if he takes $105k bonus to reenlist for three years

Rebecca Yarros and her husband. (Facebook)

The wife of a 22-year member of the US Army is making headlines after she penned an open letter to the Army, telling them to take their $105k 3-year re-enlistment bonus and shove it.

Rebecca Yarros penned the letter late last month, when her husband -who goes by Jason, and serves as an Apache pilot- was offered an extra $33,000 a year for a measly additional thirty-six months of service.

“When he told me the amount, and asked if I wanted him to investigate, my first response came in the heat of overwhelming anger,” she wrote on her blog. “‘If you sign that bonus, you’ll be signing divorce papers right along with it.’”

Naturally, Jason Yarros found himself in a bit of a rut- take the much-needed bonus in a career he has been in since he was seventeen, or lose his wife and six kids.

Long story short, the Apache pilot is turning in his wings.

“I knew that I could not take another deployment,” Rebecca wrote. “Our marriage wouldn’t survive. I wasn’t sure I could, either.”

“You’ve made Jason undependable,” she added as she addressed the Army. “Not to you, of course. But to me.”

For the “hardest job in the Army,” the military spouse and author seems to have lost her will to serve. Not that she isn’t grateful.

“Though it may not sound like it, I have loved our time as a military family,” she wrote. “I’m incredibly proud of Jason and what he’s accomplished. The military has been good to us. Our healthcare is outstanding. My children have seen the world. Jason’s seen a little too much of the world. I’m grateful for the opportunities you’ve given us as a family.”

Referring to herself as a “War-Weary, Salted Spouse,” Yarros’ letter seemed more focused on her needs than those of her husband, who took her along for the ride and served a full career to ensure his family was taken care of.

“I stopped asking myself ‘why’ sometime in the last year, and accepted the fact that it’s broken,” she wrote on her beglittered blog page. “We’re broken. Hell, I am that silly, delicate heart. Forged in the heat of this life, braced with steel, multi-faceted, beautiful and broken. You, United States Army, have done the breaking. It’s a matter of self-preservation that we walk away.”

At least they get to keep the Tricare.

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