Wife of Russian paratrooper who gave her husband permission to rape Ukrainian women is put on the international wanted list

A woman who encouraged her Russian husband to forcibly take the virtues of Ukrainian women during the invasion of Ukraine has been ceremoniously placed on an international wanted list.

The Russian military wife, believed to be Olga Bykovskaya, reportedly encouraged her husband, 27-year-old Roman Bykovsky, over voice communication that it was okay to rape Ukrainian women under his unit’s occupation, so long as he wore protection and didn’t tell her.

“Ukrainian women there. Rape them. Yeah. Don’t tell me anything, understand,” she is reported to have said.

The person in the communication believed to be Bykovsky seemed perplexed.

“So I should rape and not tell you anything?” he asked.

“Yes, so that I wouldn’t know anything,” she added before they began to laugh. “Why do you ask?”

The audio clip was reportedly released as part of intercepted phone communications by the Security Service of Ukraine and therefore may be subject to scrutiny as alleged propaganda.

Despite this, the SSU states that Bykovskaya violated Article 27.2 of the Convention on the Protection of the Civilian Population in Time of War and the Geneva Conventions and that an international warrant for her arrest has been released.

Investigators for Radio Liberty identified the couple through social media sleuthing and claims Roman took part in the invasion of Ukraine.

According to the Daily Mail, the audio has been used as part of an SSU operation to expose sexual crimes by Russian troops.

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