“What the F- is this…it’s the cartels;” American narrowly escapes cartel members in Mexico

An American in Mexico narrowly escaped being gunned down while driving through an intersection in Nuevo Laredo, evading a cartel roadblock with his life.

The footage, which was shot from a dash camera, shows the driver of an SUV (complete with midwestern-neutral American accent) driving up to an intersection stacked with vehicles and dismounted personnel.

“These a**holes,” the driver said casually.

Suddenly, a pickup truck moves to box the SUV in, and the driver puts two and two together.

“It’s the cartels,” he said, audibly putting his vehicle’s gear shifter into reverse.

Masterfully backing up in a serpentine fashion, the driver manages to snake through traffic before putting the SUV in drive, punching through the roadblock without striking a single person or vehicle.

According to the Daily Mail, the bandits were believed to be members of the Cartel Del Noreste.

The region is home to several cartels, including the feared Los Zetas, which was originally formed by rogue special operations personnel from the Mexican military. The Cartel Del Noreste is a splinter faction of the group.

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