West Point’s Deputy Brigade Tactical Officer arrested for having sex with a child but the school has remained silent

By Andy Wolf

The deputy brigade tactical officer of the United States Military Academy was arrested and charged with sexual misconduct against a minor— but West Point has been curiously silent about the incident.

Deputy Brigade Tactical Officer William F. Gentry was arrested and extradited to Michigan earlier this month, where he has sinx3 been charged with second-degree criminal sexual conduct, a felony sex crime involving a child under the age of thirteen.

While the news was shared by whistleblower accounts such as TerminalCWO, West Point has been largely quiet about the matter.

It is speculated that the USMA is likely remaining hushed for now due to the upcoming Army-Navy football game, which is an event the academy puts a lot of emphasis on each year.

“A brigade tactical officer at West Point was arrested for a sex crime involving a kid, and West Point has gone out of their way to avoid talking about it or address it in any way,” the TerminalCWO account wrote.

“The greater issue here (besides the alleged crime itself) is the lack of transparency with the cadets. Leadership seems to be more ok with cadets conducting rumint [rumor intelligence] than actually addressing the issue.”

“Academies are only invested in their sports programs and ensuring the navy-army game goes off without a hitch. Addressing cultural rot on campus doesn’t move the needle on the priorities list,” the account continued. “Cadets are talking whether TACs have been told to address it or not, and West Point isn’t doing themselves any favors by ignoring this issue.”

According to court records, the 57-year-old Gentry was arraigned on the 20th of November, nineteen days after his charges were filed.

His first hearing date is scheduled for Tuesday, November 28, in Michigan’s 53rd District Court.

A retired Sergeant Major, Gentry’s LinkedIn has him listed as an “Instructional Systems Specialist” for Keybridge Technologies, working at the United States Army Sergeants Major Academy, as well as other roles.

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