Website circulating lie about Joint Chiefs of Staff General Dunford

In this March 12, 2014 file photo, Gen. Joseph F. Dunford, Jr. testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington. President Barack Obama will nominate Dunford as next Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman.

A apparent retirement speech mostly circulated through email forwarding has been spreading a big lie about the US Military’s top officer.

According to Snopes, an article published on US Defense Watch on April 9, 2016 reported the alleged text of a speech General Joe Dunford delivered, announcing his resignation as JCS chairman.

The speech discussed the cloud of political correctness that has permeated the military during the Obama Administration, from women going to Ranger school to sensitivity training and breastfeeding policies, keeping the speech aligned with right-wing rhetoric frequently discussed by the article’s author, Ray Starmann.

Unfortunately for those who enjoyed the resignation speech, the article isn’t real. General Dunford didn’t say anything written in the speech- going so far as to contradict his words when he told US Military personnel earlier this month to “stay out of politics”.

Even more embarrassing is that a disclaimer has now been added to the original article, as to prevent further confusion.

“Since this article’s publication, some have asked if General Joe really made this speech and if he has indeed retired”, Starmann wrote. “General Joe did not say these words. I only wish he had.”

However, given the habits of a large portion of the public to only read the title or first few sentences of an article, it is likely that this misinformation will still be spread as “fact” for the near foreseeable future.

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