Watch: Infantrymen whose injuries didn’t take their sense of humor

This Airborne infantry sergeant has no sympathy for those who can’t handle leg day! (Derek Weida was forced to amputate his leg after his knee was blown out by gunfire while he was conducting a raid on his third deployment to Iraq in 2007.)

When you come up a little short on your weight loss goals…. (Michael Schlitz, a Ranger qualified Army infantry sergeant first class with over 14 years of service, had more than 85% of his body burned when his vehicle hit and I.E.D in Iraq in 2007)

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Sir….you seem to be missing your legs (Sgt. Matthew Melancon, an Army infantryman, was struck by an I.E.D. in Afghanistan in 2012 -shattering his heel bones instantly.)

Some mornings you cross canyons! Others you beep when you back up. #fakephalanges

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