War memorial defaced with “kill cops” message during Antifa counter-protest

Antifa members and other far-left factions affiliated with a counter-protest against a planned KKK rally in Portland ended up riling up the citizens of the Oregon city after they vandalized a local war memorial with a chilling message: “Kill Cops.”

The counter-protest took place despite the Klan rally being canceled, and the left-wing protesters quickly saturated the Lownsdale Square Park area.

“We basically planned this knowing that it was most likely going to be a victory party, without a lot of ‘hurrah’ beforehand,” said Effie Baum of PopMob, who organized the event. “We still have to show up, because the risk of not showing up is far greater.”

While at the park, the protesters soon became violent and disrespectful, attacking police and bystanders- including civilians who showed up to protest.

“They’re here to provoke a riot and I’m here to stop it,” said Mary Jean Dowell, a veteran who came to the protest but was ultimately shoved around and told to “go home.”

“Unfortunately, this is an urban battle ground and I’m a retired soldier.”

Statues, including military memorials, were vandalized by the far-left activists, who spraypainted crude symbols of the Soviet sickle and hammer, as well as a fairly straightforward message: “Kill Cops.”

Despite showing up in relatively large numbers and attacking the police, Portland Police Chief Jami Resch downplayed Antifa presence.

“I want to acknowledge the community members who came down to peacefully assemble and exercise their freedom of speech rights,” she said in a statement. “Unfortunately, a group of people chose to engage in dangerous, illegal behavior. I appreciate the thoughtful, measured response by our officers and law enforcement partners. A small group’s actions negatively impacted public safety of the entire city because resources had to be diverted to this event.”

According to the Daily Mail, several individuals were arrested, with charges ranging from disorderly conduct to abusing a memorial.

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