Viral Marine fight video is most likely an unofficial training tradition

Update: The Facebook user, Timothy Patrick, who posted this video responded to Popular Military‘s inquiry, to report the incident was an ‘actual’ fight. Apparently a platoon kidnapped a member of another platoon and the fight ensued during his ‘rescue.’

A bizarre video of a large group of Marines fighting with each other is making its rounds on the internet, leaving the uninitiated to wonder what exactly is going on.

Posted on Facebook with little to no context behind it, the video has been shared over 5,000 times and has been viewed well over 414,000 times.

Still, the video leaves some viewers trying to figure out the context of the seemingly playful brawl- though one can find clues within the comments from current and former Marines who seem familiar with the video.

One commenter identifies the Marines as belonging to the 1st Battalion, Second Marine Regiment of the 2nd Marine Division.

“Looks like the tradition continues out at Mojave Viper,” one commenter said, pointing out the Marine combat exercises that take place in Twentynine Palms, California, often before a Marine unit deploys. The activities at the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms (MCAGCC) involve a series of live-fire exercises and training in fabricated Middle Eastern Villages, similar to the US Army’s National Training Center (NTC) exercise.

“Ah, a good old CAX brawl,” another says, reinforcing the notion that such events take place during Combat Arms Exercises (CAX).

Some point to the idea that the exercise allows Marines to let off steam, build cohesion or get out aggression and animosity towards each other before shipping out for deployments.

One Marine explained that “living in tin cans with no one to call and nothing to do. So what do you do? You mess with new marines (boots).”

Whatever it is, it looks like fun as long as there are not serious injuries -which there does not appear to be.

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