Vietnam veteran says “F- the Army… ninety percent of soldiers hated it”

A Vietnam veteran has a few words to get off his chest when it comes to people saying “F*** the Army,” claiming that the military is little more than a meal ticket for many.

Bruce Woods, who enlisted in the mid 1960s and worked in military intelligence, noted that he joined in order to get out of poverty.

“When I was in the Army, it was ‘f*** the Army’ every day,” he said. “I heard it every day. People hated it. There was no patriotism, there was no love of country.”

Stationed in Hawaii with the 25th Infantry Division, Woods eventually ended up in Vietnam, where he was “close to the front line.”

“We were out in the boondocks, but I didn’t have to get in the foxhole,” he said.

Naturally, not many people were thrilled about going to Vietnam.

“I would say upwards of 90% of the people that were in Vietnam..hated it,” he said, admitting that 60% of people he knew were drafted.

In the end, it was a way for Woods to get out of a life he wanted to leave behind.

“I hated just as much as anyone else, but I did love getting those three square meals a day,” he said. “I didn’t get that at home. I liked having a little change in my pocket.”

Woods is pretty clear about how he feels about the military, even on Veterans Day.

“I didn’t care about the military then and I don’t care about it now,” he said.

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