Video: VA worker caught using dirty gloves during procedure on veteran

A veteran visiting a VA clinic outside of St. Louis for a somewhat routine procedure has released a video purporting to show a VA worker failing to use proper sanitation methods.

This past Thursday, Jason Hensler took his father, Fred, to the Belleville VA clinic to have twelve stitches removed. The VA worker began prepping for the procedure by putting on rubber gloves but then left the room unexpectedly.

To Jason’s surprise, when she reentered the room she started the procedure without changing her gloves even though she possibly exposed them to bacteria on the door handle and elsewhere.

“I am praying that her actions does not cause him to get infected,” he said.

Popular Military found that the St. Louis VA system does not have any VA patient advocates listed for veterans to make complaints or raise concerns about their treatment.


Screenshot of VA St. Louis Health Care System website
Screenshot of VA St. Louis Health Care System website

According to the VA, patient advocates are available at every medical center to “help resolve your concerns about any aspect of your health care experience.”

The St. Louis VA System seems to be unaware of the incident based upon an initial inquiry.  But a public affairs representative assured Popular Military that the St. Louis VA system has patient advocates and was unaware that they were not listed on the website.

Jason said this was not the first time his father had been treated with unsanitary methods.  He claims he found his father left in a pool of his own urine by staff at the St. Louis VA hospital.

“When I got up there to visit with him his bandage on his leg was falling off on the floor where the urine was.  I asked the nurse if she would rewrap his leg. She was about to put the same wrap on his leg.”

He chose to sign his father out of the hospital after doctors and nurses would not transfer his to another hospital when he requested.

“I documented this on the paperwork I signed him out on, and made a complaint the nurse manager,” he said.

Popular Military made a request for more information with the VA St. Louis Health Care System’s Public Affairs Manager.

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