VIDEO: Taliban Video Shows Bowe Bergdahl Handover To US

Extraordinary video from the Taliban shows the handover of POW Bowe Bergdahl to U.S. Special Forces in Afghanistan. In the video, Bergdahl is accompanied by Taliban handlers, including one with a white flag, in an open field. There’s a Toyota pickup truck close and some livestock in the distance. A Special Forces Black Hawk helicopter approaches and lands. Another helo can be briefly seen. The exchange is made quickly. There’s a few quick handshakes between the Taliban and U.S. officials. A burly Special Forces person guides Bergdahl back to the helo. The Special Forces person pats Bergdahl on the back, perhaps to check for a bomb. But Bergdahl isn’t fully patted down until near the helo. Bergdahl is carrying a small white bag and appears to be in decent health. The second video (also below) is the extended version and shows Taliban fighters setting up positions on nearby hills and Bergdahl, squinting, in the back of the pickup truck.



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