Video released: Russian aircraft bully U.S. Navy guided missile destroyer

The U.S. Navy has released footage of a Russian Su-24 aircraft flying close to the side of USS Ross in the Black Sea.  The USS Ross, which is a guided missile destroyer, was 25 miles off the coast of Crimea in international waters when six Russian aircraft flew by on May 30, 2015 (only one seen in the video).

Russian media has claimed they sent the aircraft to force the USS Ross away from Russian territorial waters.  The U.S. Navy has denied the Russian reports and states the Ross never changed its course and continued its mission.

According to CNN, “In a video released by U.S. Naval Forces Europe, one of the Russian planes is shown flying an estimated 500 meters (1,640 feet) off the side of the ship at an altitude of 600 feet.”

The Navy said the only reason it released this video was to counter the false reports made by Russia.  According to a defense official, the Russian aircraft were not armed and the incident was nothing more than a routine flight.


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