Video released of child still alive after mother died shielding bullets from Mexican cartel

A mother’s love saved an American baby girl from a gruesome death after cartels attacked a Chevrolet Suburban in Mexico- and footage has recently been released depicting the moment when the little girl was found.

The slaying, which took place earlier this week, involved a Mormon family that was ambushed by a Sonora-area cartel, who riddled the SUV with bullets.

Realizing what was going on, mother Christina Johnson shielded her child -named Faith- and stashed her below the seat of the SUV. Shortly after, she dismounted from the vehicle and drew the cartel’s attention, waving her arms and running until she was gunned down in cold blood.

Authorities would find an unharmed Faith in the SUV, completely passed over by the cartels.

The Mormons had departed from the La Mora religious community, which was settled decades ago by Mormon Church factions. The Mormons and Mexican cartels have long been at odds.

According to the Daily Mail, eight children in all survived the ambush, with some going into hiding in nearby bushes for several hours until the Mexican Army and Police forces arrived.

After the attack, one SUV was completely burned out, an image more suitable for Iraq or Afghanistan than somewhere so close to the American border.

Faith is now in the custody of her father, Tyler Johnson.

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