Video of US special forces veterans’ amateur coup being foiled by Venezuelan Army is released

Several former American Special Forces operators have been captured, according to reports from US sources and Venezuelan state-run media.

The operators, several of which have been identified, were captured during an attempted coup over the weekend and were filmed being led away by Venezuelan security forces.

“Among the terrorists captured today they were 2 US military officials from Texas,” Telesur English reported on their news site and Twitter, citing Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro. “According to a member of the band they are ‘intermediaries with Trump’s head of security.’ Their names are Luke Denman and Aaron Barry, members of the company Silver Corp.”

“Venezuelan opposition is so decomposed that they are privatizing the complot now, hiring a terrorist mercenary and then letting him down,” Maduro added. “But this person called Jordan Goudreau, ex-US Soldier has proven there is a contract signed between him and Guaido.”

Video and photos have been obtained by Popular Military, with sources ranging from open-source social media to confidential sources willing to provide the moving and still imagery.

Telesur claims that the company in charge of sending the men is Silvercorp USA, a Florida-based security company with operations in over fifty nations.

Eight of the “mercenaries” captured were reportedly part of “Operation Gedeon,” and were captured in Chuao, a coastal locality in the Venezuelan state of Aragua.

Goudreau reportedly signed a contract with lawmaker Juan Guaido to overthrow Venezuela’s President Maduro. The contract was dated Oct. 16, 2019, and was for $212 million.

Of the two recent incursions, Telesur claims, eight men have been killed and over a dozen captured. The operation was reportedly aimed to “capture” high-ranking officials and “liberate” the Venezuelan people.

It is unknown if the US government played any role in the operation, though US sources with knowledge of the situation claim the US would not have given the greenlight for such an obvious maritime incursion near the border.

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