Video of National Guard members making racist comments to new recruits surfaces

The video that caused the Minnesota National Guard to take disciplinary actions against two of its members has surfaced on social media.

The video shows two guardsmen making racist statements in a group chat on Snapchat for new military recruits.

One of the members in the group chat posted a video in which she had chicken nuggets and she allegedly called them “McN——.”

Abdo Hamed, a Minnesota National Guard recruit said he responded in the chat, speaking out against her racism.

In another Snapchat video in the group, a woman says, “You’ll learn the military is racist as s—, so get used to it now you f—— piece of s—.”

“They think it’s ok, but it’s not,” Hamed, told Fox9.  “They act like it’s nothing. It’s super insensitive and they thought it was ok.”

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