Video of Army police officer’s pepper spray training goes viral

Source: Instagram

A video of a female US Army Soldier getting pepper sprayed has gone viral, prompting others to talk about their experiences with the less-lethal substance.

The video, which is posted on Instagram by “thehoodsfinest,” shows a woman in what is presumably a Military Police unit being subjected to pepper spray.

While she initially has something of a comical reaction to the substance being sprayed in her eyes, the trooper eventually gathers her bearings and begins pressing forward with the rest of the course, engaging her various training targets with hand-to-hand measures.

“Slow down, baby!” the cameraman says as the MP rolls backwards and punches wildly.

The video has 328,117 likes, and a slew of comments from people who have also gone through such training.

“How it feels to chew 5 Gum,” one user wrote, referencing titular gum commercials that always exaggerate the experience of chewing the product.

“I can’t explain it”, another user said, “but I’m aroused.”

“She hit that Chris Brown ‘Stomp the Yard’ dance,” another chimed in.

In fact, the MP’s choreography was compared side by side with the “Stomp the Yard” music films to hilarious effect.

“Shordy definitely chose the wrong career path ,” one netizen wrote. “She should be in Stomp the Yard 5, not fighting in Ukraine”.

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