Video: Navy Sailor busted trying to hire hitman to kill his wife

(Crime Watch Daily)

A sailor in Virginia was caught on camera attempting to hire a hitman to kill his wife.

38-year-old Chadwick Ghesquiere reportedly tried to have his wife killed because “he didn’t want to have to deal with her or pay child support.”

“Next time I talk, she’ll be dead, problem solved,” the hitman -who was actually an undercover federal lawman- said to Ghesquiere in the video.

During the transaction, Ghesquiere set the value of his wife’s head: 50% of his wife’s life insurance policy, 80 Adderall pills, $1,000 cash and a gun to do the deed.

Needing everything he required for the bust, the federal agent gave up the ruse. Agents would later call Ghesquiere in for questioning under a false report that his wife had been killed, with Ghesquiere reportedly pretending to cry when he heard the news.

“Chad, I lied to you about what I do for a living,” the undercover agent said dur. “I’m really a federal agent.”

According to WTKR, When Ghesquiere’s wife found out, she couldn’t believe it- until she saw the footage with her own eyes.

“I thought I was being pranked,” the sailor’s wife, Kathryn Ghesquiere said. “They showed me pictures of me walking with my children, my house, my vehicles, stalking pictures.”

Ghesquiere was arrested at Naval Air Station Oceana on August 18 of last year for the murder plot. Earlier this year his wife asked for the max sentencing of 14 years, but the judge only sentenced the sailor to 11 years in prison.

“For now, I guess I’m glad that he is locked up, but you know, what about after 11 years?” Mrs. Ghesquiere wondered.

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