Video leaked of F-35 crash aboard US Navy aircraft carrier

Screenshot from video below

Video footage leaked from a crew member of the USS Carl Vinson shows the moment a doomed F-35C suffered a mishap that resulted in it sinking to the bottom of the South China Sea.

The 18-second clip of the aircraft coming in for a landing has been described by the Navy as “a landing mishap on deck while USS Carl Vinson was conducting routine flight operations.”

The F-35C in question was coming in low before the pilot appeared to add more power. In the final moments, a crash can be heard and smoke enters the shot.

According to Newsweek, it is unknown who leaked the footage.

“There is an ongoing investigation of the incident,” Navy spokesman Lt. Mark Langford stated.

The aircraft, which belonged to VFA-147, slammed into the deck, injuring seven Sailors and forcing the pilot to eject.

All personnel are reported to be in stable condition.

The US Navy is now racing to beat the Chinese -or any other foreign adversary- to recover the downed plane.

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