Video: ISIS fighters boast stealing US-made weapons after destroying Iraqi Special Forces Humvee


Yesterday, ISIS released a short video of fighters fighting against the US-lead coalition against ISIS in Kokajli district of Mosul, Iraq.

The video was released with the message: “Footage of the Clashes on the Outskirts of the #Kokajli Area, East of #Mosul.”

The location of and time of the incident seems to fit the current timeline of the Iraqi Forces operation to liberate Mosul.

Last week, Commander of Iraq’s Counterterrorism Forces Major General Abdolvahab al-Saedi said “the security forces will continue their military operation to take control of Kokajli district inside the city of Mosul.”

In the video, the ISIS fighters are seen taking a MK-19 automatic grenade launcher -capable of firing 375 40mm grenades per minute- and an AT4 light anti-tank weapon from a destroyed Iraqi Army Humvee.

While the AT4 is actually Sweedish made, their presence in Iraq is due to the United States supplying the the Iraqi forces.

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