Video: Iraqi soldiers light ISIS member on fire, string up flag pole

Warning: Graphic Content

A video recently released by Wesal TV claims to show Iraqi Army soldiers dousing the body of an accused ISIS fighter with gasoline and lighting him on fire in Mosul.

It is not clear what unit these soldiers are in as Wesal TV only refers to them as members of the “government army.”

But if what the video purports to show is accurate, it would stand to prove that sectarian violence still exists among the ranks of the groups fighting the Islamic State, despite official Coalition reports denying its existence.

One Twitter user responded to the video by saying in Arabic, “Malice on every Muslim, those donkeys Crusaders and the Zionists and their army to fight against Islam and its people may have them, they are the people of shirk and killing.”

Another user stated in Arabic, “the Government army are all Shia and Sunni killings have close to good.”  Another user shared this sentiment by saying, “this army of Assad claims it’s not sectarian.”

Last month, when asked about reported human-rights violations committed by members of the US-led coalition in Iraq, Col. Dorrian, the official spokesperson for Operation Inherent Resolve, said if these were current or verified by credible sources, he’d being seeing evidence of such because the coalition has embedded media working side-by-side with Iraqi fighters.

Wesal TV is described as an Islamic educational channel television network but has been accused of fomenting sectarian tension in the past.

In January of 2015 the station was forced to close down its offices in Saudi Arabia after it was accused of broadcasting programs against Shiite Muslims.

“I have ordered the offices of Wesal channel in Riyadh closed and to ban any broadcast by it in the kingdom,” Saudi Information Minister Abdulaziz Khoja said on his Twitter account in 2015.

“This is essentially not a Saudi channel,” he added in a message in Arabic.

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