VetTV founder simply explains why our military has to kill “mother f-ers”

The owner of Vet Tv is speaking out to correct those accusing him of being a warmonger, claiming that American servicemembers must be deadly fighting machines no matter how they feel.

In a bizarre “shaky-cam” vlog entry reminiscent of the Joker in the Dark Knight film trilogy, Vet Tv chief Donny O’Malley addressed accusations of being a warmonger, claiming that he is a peaceful man, who understands why military superiority is crucial.

“If you’re not the best at war, then what happens?” he said. “You lose. And what happens when you lose in war? You submit to the will of another nation, another army.”

“If you’re gonna prepare for war,” he added. “You should probably prepare to be better than everyone else at war.”

While O’Malley can understand how his pro-military and martial mindset can be off putting, the mindset is crucial, and must be contagious for warfighters.

“There needs to be a mindset amongst the warriors,” he said. “That is a winning mindset, and winning means killing all those motherf***ers…That’s what you’ve got to do, that’s the f***ing name of the game.”

Above all, O’Malley wants to protect the country he loves so dearly, and uses his film creativity to “reinforce a winning mindset” in the face of political correctness- something he feels is degrading the American culture and mindset.

“This is my opportunity to keep the mindset right,” he said. “To embrace the warrior mindset.”

O’Malley’s personal YouTube page has over 112,000 subscribers.

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