Vets reunited after unknowingly spending 18 years as neighbors

Reunions between old friends happen all the time, but not like this.

Roger Watson and Dave Brown reconnected a few weeks ago after not having seen each other for almost 50 years.

They grew up in Detroit, got drafted and became friends when they went through basic training together before heading to Vietnam.

They lost track of each other there and never saw each other again. That was until October, when Watson learned that a neighbor he befriended a few years back was married to Brown.

The two old friends lived around the corner from each other for nearly two decades, but didn’t know it.

“He came running out of the house and over to the corner, had to beat back the brush over there to get through and we just shook hands and just couldn’t believe it. It was just an incredible feeling,” Watson said.

“To tell you the truth, I was flabbergasted,” Brown said.

“We’ve been neighbors for 18 years and didn’t realize, here we were,” Watson said.

These two old friends are back together after five decades, even though they had lived just 150-feet apart.

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