Veterans and truckers boycotting gas stations after multiple incidents

When you think of “Pilot” or “Flying J” travel centers, you probably think of truckers and a place to stop and go to the bathroom.

Well, thousands of drivers -including truckers- are threatening to boycott the ubiquitous travel centers, thanks to some serious flag drama.

According to Adam Conn, an Army veteran and “national commander of the Legion of Christian Warriors”,  an honor guard was escorting a flag that had been flown at the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial in Washington, D.C. When they reached Cannonsburg, Kentucky, they stopped at a Pilot/Flying J gas station (to rest) and placed flags on the outer edge of Flying J property.

The manager of the gas station allegedly came out and made them remove all American flags.

Once word got out through trucking blogs and social media, crowds began to form in support of the flags, with semi trucks opting to turn around instead of spending money at the facilities.

Veterans such as Conn filmed the incident, showing drivers in cars and rigs alike honking their horns.

Meanwhile, a US Navy veteran has called for a boycott of a different nature, though the US flag plays a part in his grievances.

A US Navy veteran named Matt is protesting the gas station chain due to the owner’s other business- the Cleveland Browns.

“We just watched the beginning of the Cleveland Browns [game] and the national anthem, and the owner, Jimmy Haslam allowed most of his team to kneel,” Matt said.

According to Matt, Haslam owns all the Pilots and Flying J stores in the country, so a boycott would hit the wealthy owner of the Browns where it would hurt.

Within six hour’s Matt’s video accrued over 350,000 views and was shared over 13,000 times.

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