Veterans react to Marine’s TikToker girlfriend relationship posts

Screenshots from TikTok videos below

In today’s age, people can share or learn anything on the internet, but one Marine girlfriend seems to do more sharing than learning.

Jordan has built a following on TikTok sharing videos of her relationship with her Marine boyfriend and seemingly has yet to learn of the term, “dependa,” or has, and created numerous parody videos.

In her latest post, she introduces her boyfriend while wearing a USMC sweatshirt.

“Hey guys, a lot of you have been asking for a boyfriend call,” she says. “I got him a little of a year ago, little used, but in somewhat used condition.”

“He comes with great benefits…He’s a Marine,” she added.

She goes on to say he supports her in her TikTok career to which he responds, “no,” while shaking his head.

While this video mostly featured the young relationship of a junior Marine, Jordan’s previous video post has caught the attention of other Marines and veterans.

Originally posted two weeks ago, but reposted to Reddit today, the video is captioned, “this is your Marines name tatted on you,” and features Jordan showing off her new lower back tattoo.

@jordanbaiileyy 🫡serving our country well #PrimeDayDreamDeals #marinegf #fyp #viral #usmc #camplejeune #milso #northcarolina ♬ original sound – Nick

Commenters were quick to comment on the stigma associated with military relationships.

“That way Jody gets some range time too,” one Redditor said. “Using that name for target practice,” they added.

“I really do dig the “No Regerts” vibe here. Her 2nd husband’s going to hate paying for that,” another wrote.

One veteran went on to describe another soldier’s wive’s tattoo mistake:

“[I] knew a girl in Bliss who has a hip piece that damn near covers her stomach from names and cover ups. She finally got someone else’s husband to marry her though so his name was the last. In theory.”

Another Redditor commented on the song she chose to sing during her video -“Forever and ever, Amen,” by Randy Travis.

“And by forever, I mean until 20 minutes into your first deployment,” they wrote. “Or whenever you finish paying off my braces. Whichever comes first.”

@jordanbaiileyy really didnt need to prove myself to yall but go off #greenscreen #foryou #camplejeune #milso #marinegf #northcarolina ♬ original sound – 🫶

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