Veteran who went to Yale says colleges endorse rich students’ “anti-American” culture

Rob Henderson in 2018 (Photo Credit: Yale)

An Air Force veteran and Cambridge PhD candidate appeared on national television earlier today to discuss rampant “anti-American” sentiment being fostered on university campuses around the country.

Rob Henderson, who is working on his doctoral pursuits after leaving the Air Force, claimed that while the military does a very good job of establishing some degree of harmony between genders and races within the ranks, colleges fall short in their attempts to do so amongst campus-goers and staff.

The secret, he stated, is that the military puts emphasis on how things such as gender and race are to be considered not as important to the overall mission and teambuilding, while universities are placing emphasis on such matters.

“These are continual points of discussion,” Henderson explained, “and I was very disturbed at how focused these elite institutions are on these characteristics. To me, the military was proof that we could get beyond those superficial features and unite around a common purpose.”

The success, it seems, feels lost on many veterans, who often approach Henderson with complaints of how many students who have not served seem hellbent on constantly attempting to undermine freedom of speech, freedom of expression, the First and Second Amendments.”

According to Fox News, Henderson added that veterans often try to blend into their surroundings on campus, despite wanting to be outspoken.

“On campus we learn to blend in, even at the cost of feeling betrayed. We keep our love for America to ourselves. We don’t want to give veterans a bad reputation…We want to make friends. We try to understand campus protesters, to see where they’re coming from,” he said.

In the end, however, the rift is visible.

“There is this view on many of these campuses among people [that] things like patriotism or love for the country, these are kind of tacky or just something that educated people don’t engage in,” Henderson said. “I just want to say that a lot of the faculty and administrators [have] done a decent job of recruiting veterans onto campus but, when they allow the campus activists to dictate the culture and establish the tone, they haven’t created a welcoming environment for these veterans.”

You can read his Wallstreet Journal OpEd here.

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